Spots and Marks of a Diverse Resemblance Imprest Upon the Skin of the Foetus, by the Force of the Mother's Fancy:

The project is inspired from the writings of Daniel Turner (1667-1741), English Physician, in his article of the same name, published in De Morbis Cutaneis, 1714. Turner’s magical thinking supports the concept that birth defects are caused by the great desire or fear of the mother, while she is carrying the fetus. I am less concerned with the physical marks of this thinking and rather focusing on how ideas and actions manifest internally as a result of these strong emotional forces.  It is specifically about the impressions we make, or are made up on us, when we hold onto a belief so intimately.

The landscapes are studies/stills for a stop motion animation that is in process. The images are created by layering cut paper, and three-dimensional objects, onto different planes of glass and then photographing them. The animations will be show in a digital mutoscope. In the interactive digital mutoscopes, the viewer controls the speed and direction of the animation by turning a hand crank on the side of the device.  Sensors, arduino and processing platforms, are used so that the hand crank is able to “talk” to the video monitor.  This allows the viewer to be an active agent in the which their participation is critical to the success of this project. The experimental animations, housed within, are cyclical, and non-linear so that the viewer is allowed to revisit or get lost in the immersive dream-like environment.