Manchine is an interactive sculpture with an embedded stop motion video animation and is a continuation into my exploration of into the concepts of philosophical toys, and psychological machines, this being a little of both. This is also a cautionary tale to be careful with what you desire.         

In Manchine, a bodybuilder becomes so concerned with his physique that his body actually turns into a mechanical apparatus, or rather, a manchine. The perfect suburban pink ranch is neglected, which is seen in the both the exterior of the house and in the landscape, where dandelions are allowed to grow in the lawn, and all the while the manchine cyclically continues on with his leg lifts in the basement. 

The interior of the house holds an arduino microcontroller and is activated when the viewer shades a photoresistor hidden in a dandelion.  When shaded the front room light turns on. Mirroring occurs on two scales, first on a miniature scale inside the front room of the pink ranch house, and then is replicated on a human scale beyond the sculpture.  Viewers are then allowed to “enter” the house via the human scale environment to see the compulsion of the body builder.        

On a yellow table, human scale, we find a collection of photos, and magazine newspaper cuts outs on various systems of the human body and the relation ship between the systems of machines.  Books on bodybuilding, medical and scientific texts litter the tabletop. A notebook is opened to show the daily workout log and it is obviously not possible for any man to do without serious mechanical alterations.