Bricoleur Dream Brigade (BDB):

The Bricoleur Dream Brigade is the first psychological machine in my series on ‘philosophical toys and psychological machines’. The BDB are an underground, vigilante, rogue group who have formed to protect the sanctity of the dream state from the corrosive thoughts of everydayness. The BDB place extreme importance in dreaming, as a way to problem solve, promote escapism and to restore/conserve the mind from an information bombed world. (I would not normally disclose this but I think it is important for you to also know that I am the only current member of this fictitious organization.)

The BDB’s greatest accomplishment is the air refinery, (a product of the Department of Infiltration and Pollution control). The air refinery is a traveling factory and/or personal device that purifies the air from toxic insecurities and unnecessary fears. The factory lives in several transportable forms so that it can travels to where it is needed most including: in the back of a moving truck, and attached to individuals as personal devices. Because of the popularity of the air refinery, a consumer grade personal bedside model/dream incubator was created.  In the bedside model, the dream incubator is utilized by having the participants input, via typewriter keyboard insert, their dream desires.  They can go on to further personalize with knobs such as: lucid dreaming, castration anxiety/penis envy, and total dream recall.  Once the machine is “programmed” a switch is turned on and the machine is activated.  This box is a physical representation of the participants mind, and that as they program it, they are taking control over the decisions of their dreams and actions.

The air refinery is shown below is an installation of the BDB "workshop" and is a multi-media artwork, part theater and part laboratory.